Hello, Good evening and welcome…..

Welcome to my blog. In February of this year i became a Dad, again. The first time was 13 years ago from a previous relationship which produced my not so little girl, Charlotte. I was aged 27 at the time, Arsenal were in their first full season under Arsene Wenger, Tony Blair was in his second year in charge of the country and i was still yet to take my driving test. I was (and still am) quite a good cook though. That was 1998, and if you had told me then that i would become a full time Dad 13 years later aged 40? The absolute scorn that i would have unleashed on you would have been fearsome! But then on February 4th 2011, little Ernest was born. After not much discussion due to the huge income deferential between myself and Ernest’s Mum, it was decided that at least for the first year, i would become the primary carer for our son. After her maternity leave ended in May 2011, Ernest’s Mum went back to work and i became Daddy Day Care……..and here is my blog.

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