Sky Sports and Einstein…

I have not, however, started to list the times of TV shows such as Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women! Although i do cast an eye over these programmes by default, the role reversal is not complete enough for me to actually need to know when these are on. It’s usually Sky news keeping me in touch with all things Hunter gatherish. Sports and current affairs are my staple diet. As we speak my phone might have been hacked by the tabloid press and i am holding my breath as to whether Samir Nasri is still an Arsenal player or not. Given up on Fabregas, it’s probably a good idea to cash in on him now. Ernest stares at Sky news with me, but his favourite is the Baby Einstein  DVD series. Baby Mozart is a particular favourite. His face lights up in a broad grin when a green, lizard like, hand puppet character appears and screws its face up! It’s fascinating, at 4 months old he is already starting to sort out what he likes and dislikes in the world of entertainment. I can highly recommend the Baby Einstein series to anyone needing to create a chillout zone for their youngsters….

Pictures courtesy of the blonde girl..

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