Rambo vs Mary Poppins

Picture of author at work prior to recent career change....

I am wondering if the emasculation process that I feel I’m going through is now complete. Baby Friday and myself recently met up with friends at a local indoor adventure play centre. The friends we met up with also had new born babies around the same age as Baby Friday, give or take a few weeks, and the accompanying adults were all female, mothers…..women. In fact the whole play centre was female dominated. There was a glimmer of hope though, whilst dipping Baby Friday into the ball pond, a man of similar age came and prevented his son from throwing himself, head first, off a rocking horse type thing situated nearby. Aha! Is that a fellow stranded male, battling against his own anxieties and striving to become a full time domestic and paternal god like me!?! No, he was there with his wife/partner on what was obviously a family day out. The truth of the matter, and why I’m wondering if my role of Rambo style hunter (and I was before! Honest!) has now fully morphed into Mary Poppins, is because I enjoyed this little adventure and found it to be beneficial, and the interaction between us all wasn’t always about baby stuff. Careers were discussed, and here, potentially, was another blow to my male dignity, I was the only one not going back to work anytime soon. Again I felt incredibly ok and relaxed about this (who wouldn’t thinking about it!?) in fact the last time I felt this relaxed surrounded by women talking and asking me questions, would have been at a nightclub eons ago with my confidence fuelled by alcohol. I even laughed, genuinely, when I was compared to the character Carrie Bradshaw from the TV series Sex in the City whilst discussing this blog. The future invites include a Little Baby Gym which could be interesting, but I have declined any singing, hand clapping type situations. This is nothing to do male/female gender role reversal issues, it is because I would feel a complete and utter fool doing it, and if this means that Baby Friday will never win X factor then so be it! And besides he’s going to be a footballer anyway, or a formula one driver, or a boxer, or a stockbroker, or a Special Forces commander……where am I going with this?

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