Keep it Neutral….

Shall I indoctrinate him or not? That is the question. No, I’m not talking about some extreme fringe type political view. It’s something way deeper and far more important. Should I brainwash baby Friday into becoming a red blooded, partisan, Tottenham Hotspur hating Arsenal fan like myself? Before we go any further, you may think that the term hate is a very strong and unnecessary term to use for your feelings towards another football team, and you are correct. So just to clarify the situation and calm any images you may have of me as lager swilling football lout, I only use the term hate towards Tottenham Hotspur when they do well, never do I use the term when they are playing badly! I hope that clears that up?

I think it is easy to understand that football, or indeed any other sport are far better enjoyed if you are a neutral, and do not have that stomach knotting, heart pounding desire for one team to win. Take the last game between the two great above mentioned north London rivals. It was a pulsating clash that ended in a 3-3 draw. Arsenal were leading 3-1 at one point and so the final two Tottenham goals came as devastating blow that left me with a mild depression for almost an hour or so afterwards. These two goals would have been celebrated by the neutral as the feast of football that they were, and by the Tottenham supporters as almost life saving relief. So it is clear, perhaps, that I should breed an air of impartiality into baby Friday in order for him to become an intelligent lover of the beautiful game. But how do I do this? This is going to be an incredibly tricky operation to perform. I scream when Arsenal miss, score and concede goals, and laugh and sneer at the opposition when they miss clear cut chances and have a player sent off. These are all things that he will surely pick up? There was a situation recently where I thought I would test myself and watch a televised Arsenal game with baby Friday. The aim was to remain calm and to openly appreciate any good football from either side. I am pleased to report that I remained in an almost catatonic state throughout the whole game. Arsenal lost 8-2 to Manchester United!?!!….

Didn't they do well!?!!

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  1. Her’s a deal. I shall bring one of mine up as a spurs fan and the force will remain in balance. Although with 3 girls and living in Liverpool it may be tricky!

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