Your carriage awaits!….

I have come to the point where I have to ask the question What car do I drive now? Or I should probably rephrase that to What is the most suitable form of transport for me AND baby Friday? Is it an Estate car? Could it be an MPV?  How about a Saloon? Or shall I just take the Bus?  I have to agree without too much protestation, but with much regret, that gone are my hopes for a 2 seated sports car, well, for the foreseeable future anyway. The bus is also definitely out. The thought of jostling for position with a baby laden buggy on a crowded deck, full of people coughing and spewing out all sorts of interesting ailments for myself and baby Friday to pick up, does not fill me with a great sense of excitement. Trains are only slightly better. So it’s back to what car do I drive now? MPV’s scream Family man! Single life over! You would probably be invited to a school governors meeting instead of the pub. Estate cars are very similar, but with a dash of travelling executive about them. 4×4’s are very appealing to me, but as I am effectively a house husband and would not be travelling vast distances over rough terrain’s, to drive one of these would mean the complete and total absorption of me into middle class yummy mummydom! School runs, Exercise classes and face lifts also come as often added extras to these.

"Daddy just needs to sort out the latest terrorist threat, then we'll go to the beach!"

So it’s down to the four door saloon then. This seems to be the best and most practical option available to me and my ever self conscious image. A sleek black little number I think, with chrome edging and tinted windows that says could be a family man, but he could also be a hedge fund managing spy. Yep, this is definitely the best choice. This enables me to hang on to my single, child free, manhood. Driving my way to urban chic coolness! I just hope I can fit the buggy the boot?

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