Unplugged Melodies…..

So I recently found myself singing to baby Friday. I’m sure he enjoyed it, he was smiling back at me as I was warbling away. The tune was Ernie, fastest milkman in the west by the late, and some would say great, Comedian, Benny Hill. I am a little unsure as to whether this smile of baby Friday was in a fact grimace or not? You couldn’t blame him if it was, it is an awful song really, typical of that 1970’s slapstick humour, where shows like Benny Hill and the Two Ronnie’s always had a musical interlude of comical tunes consisting usually of sexual innuendo. Everyone thought they were great and clever at the time, but now it seems not. Well unless you’re from Albania that is? Or is that Norman Wisdom?

Anyway, as baby Friday grimaced/smiled back at me and my singing, it got me wondering as to what kind of songs are acceptable to sing to him? Particularly as a Dad (I very nearly put as a male Dad then!) Nursery rhymes are acceptable, especially the punchy, slightly violent ones like Humpty Dumpty and the grand old duke of York. I’m not very comfortable with Mary Mary Quite Contrary that is definitely Mums territory, although I dispute whether it should be sung to him at all? The nursery rhyme I like the most is Hey diddle diddle. This little ditty does however contain very hallucinogenic lyrics so sing with caution.

Research, probably by a University at some place or another, has shown that playing classical music to babies can enhance their development as it is complicated and they have to work it out.  You can’t really sing classical music to your baby, unless it is Opera, and that is just a ridiculous thing to do. No it’s definitely modern music, pop, rock, hip hop, house and a dash of punk is best I think. I have turned myself into a living karaoke machine, pumping out at will a vast array of tunes. No need for MTV or Radio 1, just me and my raw naked voice for baby Friday to enjoy. Dad Unplugged. I must sound bloody awful though, unlike most karaoke nights, the audience in this case isn’t drunk.

"and he drove the fastest milkcart in the west!".....

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