Handbags at Dawn….

Ok, I admit it. I have a Man bag! Well it’s a bababing change bag actually. Shaped like a laptop case come DJ record bag, it allows me to wander around with nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, wallet and iPod all cunningly concealed under a piece of luggage that is the epitome of urban cool! Well, it’s not so obviously a baby change bag at least. Some people do have to ask “is that your laptop you’ve got there?” as they’re not sure quite why you would have a laptop whilst walking with your child around the supermarket. The urge to reply “yep, working on a huge project! Worth millions! Can’t be offline for second!” is incredibly tempting. But the reply with a timid chuckle is usually “no, no laptop! Just nappies!” and off I wander down the pet food aisle. It’s all about the image. ­­­Whilst I would love to think that carrying this man bag would alter people’s view of me as a full time Dad, baby, cuddles, cotton wool, feeding, dirty nappies etc, into, full time Dad, cool, stylish, sleek, changes nappies with a click of the finger­, it sadly does not. At a recent family get together where a particularly blunt speaking Uncle of mine was in attendance, the question of the use of the bag was raised. After explaining the REAL use of the bababing to my Uncle with relevant demonstrations, he just stared straight at me over the top of his glasses, face like he was trying to turn me to stone and said “you f*%*ing tart!” Now I know the world is not full of my uncle’s, however, this did highlight for me in one foul mouthed phrase, that I seem have a need to try and somehow hide the fact that I carry a change bag for Baby friday, something which is really not optional. “Embrace the change bag for what it is!” is my new mantra! This does stop at me casting off my bababing and using Baby Friday’s Mum’s bag though, for that is pink, and I dread to think what my Uncle’s response to that would be!?….

"Excuse me? you forgot your change bag!?!"....

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