Summer loving…..

I am really excited that the nice warm sunny weather is here at last. Why? Beers in the beer garden at lunchtime? Gentle strolls through the park? Ice cream’s and picnics? No! I am excited because now I can hang the washing out!? My tumble drier can be switched off and the planet can breathe again. We may even get our spare room back as a spare room, rather than a make shift laundry room student style. Washing has become an integral part of my daily routine, it has always been part of my routine of some sorts, but this usually involved washing whatever piece of clothing was needed, the night before it was required, and praying it would be dry enough to iron on the morning of the day it was to be worn. Now, as the main washer gatherer for the house, it is a completely different story. Well a completely different story in theory anyway. Washing now has to be planned with military precision, factoring in different elements like drying time, amounts in weight, how many times worn that week. The grouping together of items that can be straight away switched to tumble dry when the main cycle has finished, is altogether very time consuming and, indeed, obsessive. When the sun is here you need not worry about this, when the sun isn’t here, items that cannot be tumble dried, quite simply, do not get washed. Like most of baby Fridays Mum’s (she actually has a name, it is Mother Sunday) work clothes. Needless to say this can, and does cause issues on occasions during the winter, but then I feel she should understand my predicament more and buy more dry clean only clothes. With all the best intentions to plan and control washing in the world, it still only seems to get done when the basket is overflowing with a Vesuvian type lava flow of clothes streaming over the edges, coupled with wardrobes being completely empty of anything that you want to wear. But, with all this aside, firm control of the washing is essential to the peaceful harmony of this household. So with this in mind, I am contemplating building a bar next to the clothes line and sky sports on a screen next to the washing machine, it’s all about motivation.

Save's me ironing it I suppose!?!...

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