Daily Routines…

It has come to my attention recently that perhaps going through routines as a way of helping things happen doesn’t work. Please allow me to explain. When I go to watch an Arsenal match, I have to go to the same pub before hand, use the same membership card to access the stadium and sit in the same area. If I miss any one of these elements for any reason, and Arsenal do not win that particular match, then that is down to my failure to carry out the ritual correctly. This is of course total poppycock, and any Arsenal defeat or draw is down to the player’s abilities and tactical decisions on the day. This is otherwise known as OCD, or so I have been led to believe. This alleged OCD has also manifested itself in my day to day dealings with baby Friday and in particular, certain intricate toys that consist of many pieces that could easily get lost. The main culprit is an egg box that contains plastic eggs, x6, with shells that remove. Then there is also a Lego set, and a 40 year old baby walker with different coloured wooden cubes that I feel should all be organised in colour order all the time, as well as being kept safe for another 40 years. I believe that if I keep showing baby Friday how to put these things away properly and regularly, like as soon as he starts to play with them, he will become an organised, level headed and well structured person. Ice cream and any other food stuffs smeared across his mouth and face in general, is an absolute no no and tends to be removed as soon as it appears by my readily available face cloth. This can’t be OCD, this is just common sense. If you leave the foodstuff too long, it will dry onto the skin and become a nightmare to get off, potentially causing the child unnecessary trauma as well as the extra inconvenience to you. So you call it OCD, I call it having exceptional forward planning and organisational skills, now, how many times did I shut that door?

"That's really good honey, but I'd rather you didn't take your toys out of their boxes!"

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