Old Father Time…..

How do some people do it? How do they organise themselves, and focus when they do get time to do something? Like when baby Friday goes to sleep for instance. Late morning is the usual time for his nap. As this time approaches, I wait, poised like a soldier in an ambush, as soon as the first yawn happens it’s “oh dear! someone’s tired!” He is then thrust into his grow bag and into his cot, blackout blinds firmly in place, faster than you can say, well, sleep. After only a short bout of screaming to stay up and run riot for a bit longer, peace descends, then it is my time. It is at this point that I have a problem. Having mastered the art of “getting baby to sleep, creating time for me to do stuff!” it all seems to fall apart. Laptop is open, tonnes of stuff to do, but I get pulled away by Facebook, sucked into the vortex of BBC Sport, tricked into scanning twitter for a “heads up” on something……anything? As I’m writing this relatively short blog post, I have navigated away to check emails and refresh my news feed at least 5/6 times. In short, I find it impossible to focus when I’m online. As soon as you log in, you are overwhelmed by raging torrents of information jostling for pole position in your brain. If, like me, you are an information junkie, and stay at home parent with only an hour or so to spare, then these are very challenging times indeed. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to combat this issue? I know that alcohol is a short, quick fix, but this is only permitted when mother Sunday is around as the ‘appropriate adult’­­­ and then you have to get to your end goal at lightening speed before ‘heavy eyelid’ kicks in. Perhaps this is an adult ADHD issue and I need to take a course of Ritalin, either that, or I start taking calligraphy lessons. ­­

“what did I get done today?……good question!”