Relaxtion techniques…….

Listening in on conversations is a favourite pastime of most people I would guess. It is most definitely for me, and one I overheard the other day between two Mum’s of young toddlers, contained a phrase that I hear a lot from the ‘yummy mummy’ sect “I just want to feel like me again!” A lot of mothers feel the need to go and do something to ‘feel like me again’. The most common pastime seems to be a spa day. Closely followed by a ‘makeover’ Or, perhaps, a chick flick/rom com type film with friends and chocolates. This got me thinking, apart from how my conversations and interests have changed from Sales targets and budget forecasts, to, has he pooed today?  Was it hard? It got me thinking, what the hell do I do to make ME feel like me again? Whilst I secretly like the thought of a spa day, I do not believe that it would make me feel like me again. It would be a potential form of relaxation, and definitely a hidden pleasure, but it is unlikely to make me, feel like me. So what would I do to make me feel like me? Go to the pub, drink beer, and watch football is a good start. Preferably, go to the pub, drink beer and actually attend the match. Stay in and watch Sci-fi, action and psycho movies, with beer and pizza. Slightly concerning about the common underlying beer theme, but you get the gist. Now imagine overhearing two Dads, young of course, discussing the daily stresses and strains of parenting, and the need to go to the pub, drink beer and watch the game in order to feel like themselves again. Doesn’t quite have the same ring about it does it? This is unfair to us poor, emasculated fellows, as we would probably be dismissed as uncouth louts for airing our thoughts on relaxation and escape, whilst the female versions would be actively encouraged, and sometimes gift wrapped in the form of a present. Can you get vouchers for day passes at the Red Lion?

Hurry up! I’ve got a pedicure booked at three!!

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