The terrible two’s a cometh!….

And it is fast approaching! Baby Friday will be two years old soon, and I believe strongly that he knows this and is therefore behaving as such. In the past couple of weeks I have never used, ok shouted, the word NO so often. There seems to be a point blank refusal to obey, not even once or twice as a little gesture of goodwill. The demands being issued by him at incredibly regular intervals, are almost tyrannical, and the reaction created by refusing his demands, like preventing him from putting fingers into a plug socket for example, is probably in the same league as a Category A storm. The persistence with which he goes about his daily rampage is admirable in some respects, and I hope that he can apply it later in life to things that will be of benefit to him, like higher education and climbing the career ladder, and, more importantly, when I am not required to supervise. As hinted earlier, electrical items, quite literally any, as long as they are live and able to blow him to smithereens, seem to be his favourite misdemeanour. The constant flicking of switches, attempted removal of plug socket protectors and the almost total dissection of the DVD player are the only pastimes that seem to engage baby Friday. Kicking a ball around in the garden and trips to the park offer some alternative, and far less anxious activity, but these are of course weather dependent, and we are now fast approaching winter. So how do I keep him away from the temptation to be electrocuted whilst indoors. To be fair, he does love his books, and there are some brief respites from his technical tinkering when a book is being read to him. Perhaps I should invest in some electrical manuals. Get him to learn how to rewire a house as part of his bedtime story session. This maybe the way forward to a more peaceful life, or it could be the birth of the next super villain.

and here's a diagram of my latest cathode grid....

and here’s a diagram of my latest cathode grid….

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